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Who we are

We have been an emotion enhancer for over 40 years.

Our DNA is linked to the manufacture of decorative candles.

We design and produce our candles so that there is a winning consonance in terms of colors, fragrances and decorations, or simply customized to the Client's request.

What we do

Promol is today a reference in the production and sale of decorative candles since 1976. Among a wide range of products, we are geared towards the volume market, supplying the large European commercial chains, the premium segments but also the proximity market.Promol's focus is on customer satisfaction through  innovation in the products and services provided.


product design

Promol's differentiation strategy is based on two pillars: Quality and Innovation.


Each season of the year or event has its unique and differentiating characteristics, as well as trends that are embodied in colors and shapes and that enhance the decoration of spaces, interiors and exteriors. It is this entire environment that is worked on in the design of new products, in order to create pleasant environments  whenever a candle is lit.


the industry


Being a producer of candles with a European dimension means being able to maintain a high level of competitiveness, resulting from the use of the most appropriate manufacturing techniques for the specificity of the products, the use of quality raw materials, the competence of human resources, the efficiency of resources and constant focus on continuous process improvement.  


We produce over 100 million  candles per year, from an assortment consisting of  candles  cylindrical (pillar), table candles (cylindrical or conical), glass/ceramic candles and tea-lights/maxi-tealights.

vela pinho Lemon

The quality


Quality management begins with product development where all aspects are taken into account in order to highlight the functionality and aesthetics of the product, through the acquisition of raw materials of certified origin, through the stages of the production process and culminating  upon delivery of the product at the installation  Customer in due time and conditions.

The quality of products and processes is measured  in light of the European RAL quality standard as well as applicable legislation, as well as the Swan Lable standard for the Scandinavian market. Quality standards are checked by independent external entities.



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