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Loja das Velas is our factory store open to the public.


  • Visit our showroom where you can see a wide variety of candles produced at Promol;


  • Speak directly with specialists in the production, decoration and packaging of products;


  • find excellent business opportunities, we sell directly to the end consumer at an unbeatable price;


  • we develop made-to-measure products in order to make your personalized project a reality;


  • we develop partnerships  in commercial resale projects.

Visit us and enjoy our collections 
If you can not leave your contact or contact us through our social networks.
We are waiting for you.

Christmas collection

Light up with the flame of life!  

The spirit of Christmas invites harmony and the celebration of rebirth, a time of union and family.

The colors and formats of our Christmas series are intended to contribute so that the light, the warmth of the union and the family harmony will give you a very happy Christmas.

Give and receive …  

Spring/Summer Collage


This is the time for the rebirth of life and the perfecting of the senses.

The rain tends to break and let the flowers bloom so that they give off their unique scent.

How about an outdoor picnic?  

Enjoy the emanating essence and colors of our candles in harmony with the best that Nature has to offer us.

All year

The diversity of colors and shapes of our regular series are perfect props for creating a special moment.

Our table candles ennoble the occasion, a glass is multifaceted in interior decoration. There is nothing more versatile than our Tealights/Maxi-Tealights.

Discover the most suitable combination among the formats, colors and fragrances we provide and … enjoy!  

Seize the moment and make it unique.


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